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Learn Dutch

If you want to learn at your own pace in a flexible environment, our individual courses will provide you with a programme that is completely fitted to your learning needs and your style of learning. We can customize a Dutch training course that will target your specific objectives, focusing on the area of communication that you want to improve.

Who is a one-to-one training suitable for?

  • For people who would like to improve a certain level in a relatively short time.
  • For people who wish to improve a specific area of language; for example, writing or expanding vocabulary in a specific field/profession.
  • For those whose schedule makes its impossible to follow a group course at a specific time.

Why choose for Masterclass Dutch?

  • All of our trainers are high-level professional with years of experience in teaching English for all purposes to non-natives.
  • We select only the best trainers.
  • We are located very centrally, in the centre of Rotterdam

The procedure for an individual course (one-to-one) is simple. You take our online test to assess your level of Dutch. We call you back to ascertain the level of proficiency you want to achieve, your Dutch language environment, your learning style and your available time for lessons. We then draw up a study plan and your course will begin.

To accommodate everybody’s schedule, you can choose for your courses to be taken face to face or through Skype videoconference.

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