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Level Test

Please note that our online test is the first part of our intake procedure. For the second part we will need to speak to you. Once we receive the assessment, we will contact you for an appointment. The results of this test is for our administration only and is used to place each participant in the appropriate group.

1. Suzanna is Welsh, but David isn't; he is English.
2. John is taller than Frank, but shorter than Lenny.
3. The dogs are looking for their food.
4. Rachel can't go to the disco tomorrow.
5. Your mother wants you to go home.
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6. The astronaut was told not to leave his shuttle.
7. Bill and Nancy sing to each other every Sunday.
8. Mr. McManus should get up earlier.
9. His uncle hardly works at all.
10. I was supposed to see my doctor this morning.
11. My pet turtle has lived for about 100 years.
12. Shall I ask him to open the window?
13. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins remembered to lock their car before shutting the gate
14. Polly had her walls painted yesterday.
15. She'd rather eat porridge.
16. Either tram goes to the park
17. If I'd had time yesterday, I would have gone to the gym.
18. Mr. Jones doesn't have to cook today.
19. She couldn't have crossed the finish line.
20. Had I not learned English, I would never have spoken to him in London.
Re-construct the story

Two men got into an argument over some drinks in a pub. They started fighting and the landlord telephoned the police. The men were driven to the police station, but on arrival, one of them managed to escape.

Now choose the correct words or phrase to reconstruct the story:

Two men (21) when an argument (22). The men soon (23) and the landlord (24) the police.

The situation (25) to get out of hand when the police (26) and (27) the two men to the police station.

As they (28) the police car, one man (29) and succeeded (30)

21. Two men
22 ... when an argument
23. The men soon
24. ... and the landlord
25. The situation
26. ... when the police
27. ... and
28. As they
29. ... One man
30. ... and succeeded

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