Our online English courses have exactly the same content as our classical English courses in Rotterdam.

We offer the following online English courses at all levels: Cambridge English, Business English, General English and IELTS preparation.

You can choose to study in a group or individually.

Once you have registered, we will send you the invitation and you will work with a digital book that we send to you by email.

During live interactive sessions your trainer will teach you new words and grammar and you will also practice your speaking skills extensively with a maximum of 12 other participants at exactly the same level.

Our trainers clearly explain the lessons from the book and you will ask questions and engage with the trainer and the other participants, interactively practicing new language until you can speak more fluently and feel more confident about using English in different situations.

The setting is informal. You will also have a lot of fun and make new friends while developing yourself to reach the level that you need for your life and work.

These high-quality courses offer you the chance to continue developing yourself at a pace you decide in the comfort of your own home.

So contact us today and join the online community!