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Looking to prepare for your exam? Cambridge English Rotterdam offers courses in preparation for three General English and four Specialised Certificates.

Cambridge English in Rotterdam takes your career to a higher level with a Cambridge English Certificate. In Rotterdam, we offer the following Cambridge Exam training for you to obtain an internationally recognised English certificate.


What we offer

In Rotterdam, you have the opportunity of selecting any one of the following Cambridge English Exam preparatory courses:


Cambridge First

Cambridge First (FCE) – B2

This exam is for students with upper-intermediate level and is ideal for people who want to use English for their work or their studies.

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Cambridge Advanced

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) – C1

This exam is intended for students with an advanced level and is ideal for people who can speak and write English in most situations, at work and for social purposes.

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Cambridge Proficiency

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) – C2

This exam is intended for professionals or students with an upper-advanced level. Can you use English in complex situations and for sensitive topics? Can you understand the finer details of the language? If you can, then this exam is for you.

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Cambridge Business Vantage

Cambridge Business Vantage (BEC) B2

Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) is the proof that you are ready for a career in an international setting. With this qualification you can demonstrate that you have the right English language skills to perform international work.

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Cambridge Business Higher

Cambridge Business Higher (BEC Higher) – C1

This qualification is evidence that you can communicate effectively at Cambridge English level in an international setting. This is the level that you must meet as in order to be able to conduct high-quality English-language conversations within your field. This is the highest level of business English that Cambridge offers.

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International English Language Testing System

IELTS is recognized by immigration authorities, employers, schools, universities and professional registration agencies. The certificate is valid for two years. This test is used to assess your language skills if you want to study or work in English.

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Occupational English Test

This test has been specially developed for the English language requirements within healthcare. It offers a method of testing the language skills of professional caregivers who want to practice their profession in an English-speaking

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