Cambridge Proficiency (C2)

Cambridge Proficiency (C2)

C2 Proficiency, previously named Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), is our highest level Cambridge English Qualification. It shows that you are a highly competent user of the English language.

If you achieve this level, you can tell the world that you have mastered English to an exceptional standard. You are a sophisticated user capable of communicating with the fluency and complexity of a highly competent English speaker.

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CPE Course (C2)

University of Cambridge Certificates are recognised English diplomas worldwide. CPE represents the fifth, and highest, level of the main Cambridge examinations group.

Target audience
Anyone who wants or needs to have a recognised and highly-respected certificate as a user of English.

The CPE is at C2 of the CEFR. If you register with Masterclass English for the first time, you will be asked to take a test to determine your level of spoken and written English.

In the course a lot of attention is paid to functional language use. The program pays attention to all skills:

  • Revising and practicing grammatical points for attention.
  • Exercises for building vocabulary.
  • Working on idiomatic verbs and expressions.
  • Reading and listening skills.
  • Practice language functions.
  • Speaking skills and role play.
  • Practicing pronunciation.
  • Doing exercises and assignments.

The reading texts come from newspapers, information brochures, letters or magazines. Writing assignments can consist of formal and informal letters, folders, articles, memos or reports. The listening and speaking assignments are also very diverse and based on current topics and situations.

The course consists of 10, 13, 20, 26 0r 30 meetings of 2 hours or more. In addition to the teaching hours, you must spend 2 to 4 hours per lesson per week on self-study.
There are 3 start times in the year. Although you can decide to sit the exam after 10 weeks, we advise you to attend at least 20 lessons to pass the exam.

Official exam
The teacher will prepare you thoroughly for this during the course, but the exam is not compulsory. The costs for the official Cambridge Exam are not included in the price and must be paid separately.

Masterclass English is the most recognised official University of Cambridge Authorized Center in Rotterdam. For all your questions about the Cambridge exam, please contact us.

You will receive an official Masterclass English certificate after the course.

The cost for a preparatory course for the Certificate in Proficiency in English is €255. This price includes the final assessment and final certificate.

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Professional or academic environment

Preparing yourself for this examination means that you have the level required to study or work in a senior professional or academic setting, for postgraduate or PhD programmes, for example.

It is the next step after Cambridge Advanced (C1).

100% Proof That You Can:

  • successfully study challenging subjects at the top level of university studies
  • persuade and negotiate effectively at senior management level or international business settings.
  • write complex pieces of writing
  • speak about complex, abstract or sensitive topics, and also respond confidently to demanding questions.

Why should I choose Cambridge Proficiency (C2)?

  • It is the gold standard of English language achievement for a non-native speaker.
  • It proves that you are at the top of your game for studies or in professional environments.

Key facts

What is an C2 CEFR Level Exam?

  1. Test format: Computer or paper-based
  2. No. of papers: 4
  3. Exam length: About 4 hours

Will I need preparation to sit this examination?

Most certainly, if you are already at C1 level, we advise a minimum of 40 contact hours to reach Cambridge Proficiency (C2) examination standard English.

We offer group preparation courses starting in September, January, April and also offer intensive courses in July, August, January, and March.

We can also organise an in-company training upon request.

Level Test

How do I register for this examination?

For paper- and computer-based examinations, you can send an email to: cambridge@masterclassenglish.com


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