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Job Skills Training

Each job is characterised by a number of tasks that you will have to carry out to the highest standards in order to beat the competition. Because of the effects of increased internationalisation and in the current economic climate, it is important to be able to perform these tasks just as effectively in English as in your native language.

Instead of focussing on your level of English, we also offer trainings which focus on the specific skills that are especially relevant to your work. Such trainings are particularly suitable for companies that wish to improve the abilities of employees who must perform the same tasks but are not at the same level of English.

This is also an excellent option if you are going to change jobs and see that your job requirements demand a higher level of communication in English for a specific activity.

We offer the following:

  1. Presentation Skills
  2. Excellent Negotiations
  3. Effective Telephone Calls
  4. Communication for HR professionals
  5. Diplomatic Communication
  6. Meetings
  7. The Sales Pitch
  8. Financial reports

The above trainings are available for in house delivery, both for a group or as an individual training.
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