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Working in the financial sector places demands on the employee to represent the qualities of multinational companies offering world-wide services to individuals and corporations alike. What makes this sector all the more challenging is the rate at which it is changing both within and across national boundaries. For the future, this looks set to continue, with regulations being tightened, with the introduction of automation and with a shifting demographics and worldview, each element of what makes up this sector is facing some manner of upheaval.
Are you a finance professional and are you capable of meeting the future demands of global change in the financial markets? We can help you be 3 steps ahead with your English language skills so the risks of the financial future horizon are well in hand.

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Over the past 2 decades we have assisted companies from the world of Corporate Finance, Commercial and Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, plus Financial Planning organisations as well as Insurance and Public Accounting companies. Our team of expert trainers have helped professionals with similar positions as you and will waste no time in identifying the areas that require the most attention in your professional use of English. We train language that you can use—daily. The result? High-quality and worthwhile information that will increase your professionalism at your work. From start to finish, you will feel the added value that our trainings bring to your language skills, and our lessons will play a long-term role in your future career. Something worth investing in!

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