English for Real Estate Professionals

The surge in the number of expatriates settling in the Netherlands over the last 10 years has led to many real estate professionals reaching out to our school because they have found themselves dealing more often with clients from abroad. Getting through a working day in a foreign language means studying property listings, having discussions on the conditions of sale, showing the available properties to potential buyers or tenants and drawing up contracts – the language involved in being able to perform and in leaving a good impression on the customer is well worth the attention in a high-quality English language training! With the thousands of expats now settling in the Randstad, Masterclass English is perfectly positioned to increase your confidence in this area of language. A tried and tested fact you will immediately notice in your performance!

Secure your English = Secure the Deal!
Our school is located in the heart and centre of Rotterdam. There is nowhere better to gain experience and knowledge in the demands facing a real estate professional in the region because when it comes down to buying, selling or renting properties, an agent working in the Randstad must be at the top of their game. Because of this we have grown both in knowledge and as a company to be able to offer you the best in language training available in your field. If you prefer a training at your location, we will send you the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers with the necessary insight into your daily professional duties. You can be certain to get the best for you and your team. Our hands-on approach provides you with the support necessary for your colleagues to achieve the best results while raising their standards of communication in order to deliver your company’s services with more confidence and security.

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