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Group courses

We provide language trainings in General English, Specialized English and in Dutch for all levels to suit your needs as a learner. These courses are intended for beginners and up to near-native speaker proficiency. All of our group courses focus on each of the core language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each course consist of 10 lessons of 2 hours, once a week during 10 weeks.

See below our progress chart, a way of charting your success as a user of English. Each course will improve your skills until you can speak and write with complete confidence

Level test



Bekijk PDF  Doelen cursus niveau A1 (beginner)
Bekijk PDF  Doelen cursus niveau A2 (preint)
Bekijk PDF  Course general english level A1 (beginner)
Bekijk PDF  Course general english level A2 (preint)
Bekijk PDF  Course dutch for beginners level A1

B1 Bekijk PDF  Course general english level B1 (int)
Bekijk   PDF  Doelen cursus niveau B1 (int)
Bekijk   PDF 
 Course dutch level B1 (int)
B2 Bekijk PDF  FCE cursus
Bekijk PDF  Course general english level B2 (upper int)
Bekijk PDF  Doelen cursus niveau B2 (upper int)
Bekijk PDF  Cursus business english niveau B2
C1 Bekijk PDF  CAE cursus.pdf
Bekijk PDF  Course general english C1 (advanced)
Bekijk PDF  Doelen cursus niveau C1 (advanced)
C2 Bekijk PDF  CPE cursus
Bekijk PDF  Course general english C2 (aprof)
Bekijk PDF  Doelen cursus niveau C2 (proficiency)

We use innovative methods that guarantee that your communication skills will improve quickly. We focus on your capacity to communicate in real-life situations. It is important that you learn how you use the language. After all, grammar only means something if you know how to use it!

From experience we have noticed that by creating an environment in which our learners activate new vocabulary, we can combine fun and challenging activities with serious language acquisition. Our individual approach ensures that our students learn how to communicate comfortably and effortlessly with each other so they quickly reach their target level.