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Tailor Made

If you want to learn at your own pace in a flexible environment, our individual courses will provide you with a programme that is completely fitted to your learning needs and your style of learning. We can customize an English training course that will target your specific objectives, focusing on the area of communication that you want to improve. To accommodate everybody’s schedule, you can choose for your courses to be taken face to face or through Skype videoconference.

The procedure for an individual course (one-to-one) is simple. You take our online test to assess your level of English. We call you back to ascertain the level of proficiency you want to achieve, your English language environment, your learning style and your available time for lessons. We then draw up a study plan and your course will begin.

Make a plan

Reduce your accent:
Reducing your accent in English may help you advance your career. Accent reduction incorporates the learning of language skills such as the sounds, stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation patterns of English. This is a separate process from learning the grammar and vocabulary of English and key to improving your accent. Each course is designed to help non-native English speakers tackle English language skills and improve their pronunciation and manner of speaking dramatically. 

We can help you improve your accent in standard British English as well as in American English.