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There are over a million words in English. If you work in a specific sector and your work duties are specialised then you will need use a unique vocabulary, a jargon, that is not evident in other sectors and jobs. Examples are: financial services, the legal profession, IT, logistics, telecom and engineering – to name a few

If you work in such a sector and notice that your work is becoming more international, you will encounter situations in your business activities that need you to produce the sort of vocabulary you are able to produce in your own native language—but in English. A high-quality language training that improves your language skills for your work will have to target the specific English vocabulary required for your duties, as well as increase your ability to apply it in writing and in speaking.

Because of our location in the middle of the Randstad, the industrial hub of The Netherlands, our academy counts years of experience in delivering both specialised and general English to professionals working in the field from a variety of backgrounds. In short, we know what we are talking about because we talk about it every day. We will raise your standards of communication in English so that you can outperform your competitors and excel in your field.

This is our mission and we are proud to be of assistance in helping you reach your goals in business by enabling you a far easier access to foreign markets.

If something has changed in your work, if you have changed positions or have more contact with international clients than ever before, we are here to assist you in every aspect of your business English language training. Once you have started your training you will immediately notice an improvement in your confidence and your performance will grow, as well as your business prospects.

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