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Our main office and school are located in the Randstad, the industrial hub of The Netherlands. Over the years, our brand has achieved a reputation for delivering high-quality professional English language trainings to companies in all sectors. We have trained thousands of professionals, all with different backgrounds, professions – and language needs.

We have built our brand on security, confidence and trust and work harder each time we engage in a training to uphold the highest standards for our clients. It is our mission to continue to do so for many more years to come and are deeply committed to applying our knowledge and expertise to your individual requirements, so that your success in learning is reflected in your success in your future career.

Applying our training expertise to different sectors has enabled us to collect the know-how to be able to identify and accurately target your English, whatever your profession. With every training we deliver, we are learning and improving our standards while making sure that each lesson is on point to provide your company with what is needed to ensure quality in every aspect of your communication.

Our strength is your benefit.
Our success is yours.
And we share it gladly.

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