Consultancy | Masterclass English


More and more often we are being asked by organisations to act as advisor and consultant for language-related questions.

Whether its about implementing a language programme at your school for Cambridge certification or auditing the language-related skills within your organisation, we can help you gain clarity about questions relating to communication and methods to increase quality so you are in a more informed postion to make the right decisions.

Here are some examples of topics we can manage, support and monitor for you and your organisation:

  • Cambridge certification – implementation and required levels within
    public and private instutions (e.g. bilingual programmes)
  • General language assessment among your staff
  • Setting practical goals for continuous learning among your staff
  • Inventarisation of skills needed for functions within your team and the language requirements
    that are essential for your staff to have so your operations are more efficient and professional
  • The economy of language and the financial gains that can be made by managing the quality
    of your communication within your organisation.

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