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Key to success in private and at work

Successful business is never just a matter of using business type language. The best business people are usually great communicators across the board. During a day at the office, it is certainly not only the language of work that is used. While ‘General English’ refers to the type of language we may use to speak with family and friends, it is also essential when communicating with clients, colleagues and associates.

Social or ‘small’ talk and informal meetings, take up a good deal of an average day at work and so being able to speak English with ease on a wide range of topics is essential for being accepted and successful in both your social and your work environments. Speaking with colleagues, when travelling or on holiday, or with friends and associates in foreign countries will all need a higher level of English, so you can be a part of any discussion and tell entertaining stories, jokes and share experiences with those around you.

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An individual training is about you. Let us know what your goal is and our trainers will help you to achieve this. Besides tailored trainings we can also prepare you for a Cambridge Certificate

Cambridge certificates:

B2 Cambridge First C1 Cambridge Advanced C2 Cambridge Proficiency B2 Cambridge Vantage C1 Cambridge Business IELTS OET

Train your speech, writing or both!

An individual general English training delivered by Masterclass Academy provides the ideal and most flexible way of expanding your vocabulary, so you are more confident and capable of speaking with whoever you wish and on any topic that takes your attention. While equipping you with the language that will raise your level, so you are able to articulate your thoughts in fluent speech, we will also be activating your passive vocabulary so you will start to use words that you understand but have never used in active communication.

If you prefer, our individual trainings can target your writing and will show you how to write creative and imaginative texts in a range of modalities and for a variety of purposes.

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