Intensive Courses

How to improve a specific skill

Whatever format of training is best for you, we can help. So, what is best for your needs: an intensive- or a long-track training?

Is a 40-hour course that lasts 2 weeks the same as following 40 contact hours spread over a year?

Intensive trainings are an excellent way of improving a specific skill, such as taking phone calls, learning how to present effectively, learning how to speak with your customers with confidence, or even passing an examination for a Cambridge diploma. We advise though that If you need to raise the level of your language skills, so the number of words you use and the structure of your sentences, then a longer training is more suitable. Once you have achieved the right level—and if you want to pass an examination, be prepared to give a presentation, or focus on any other specific skill—all you will need to do is be trained in the delivery of the language that you have learned by raising your level for the long-term.

Language mastery comes through a variety of strategies. Anyone who goes to the gym knows that the same is true for your physical condition. Both intensive and long-track will both bring you closer to your goals, but it is only through a combination of fast and slow that long-term vocabulary acquisition and real mastery of the language is achieved.

If your organisation would like to know more about how our intensive trainings can help you or your workforce, whether you are a member of a team of 400 strong or by yourself, our trainings will help you reach both the level and the mastery of the skills you need.

Our experts are always on hand for you to consult us for further information.

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